Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Rural Deliveries:   While we will ship to Rural Delivery addresses. Shipping to RD addresses adds from 4 to 10 days to our standard delivery timeframe and adds additional costs to your order. PO Boxes: We have no facility to ship to PO Boxes we can only ship to physical addresses.

Please note that that while we do accept other currencies . All products when purchased from Picton Sportsworld are purchased in New Zeald dollars (NZD) Other currencies are acceptable by, prior arrangement and Bank Transfer only. However we do provide Paypal which will allow you to pay in your local currency.

Shipping: We ship items all around the world, please contact us prior to purchasing for a quote on shipping to your desired country, all prices quoted are in NZD Currency only.

Returns: When returning items for a full refund the item(s) must be in New Condition. Items must also be in original packaging and must include all parts.

Pricing: All prices displayed on the website are subject to change without notice. Any items that display an obvious incorrect price that is a substantially unequal exchange of values will not be sold at the incorrectly displayed price. Please report any product items that you believe fall under this categorisation to pictonsports@xtra.co.nz. As purchases in New zealand are covered by the Fair Trading act, please refer to the Fair Trading Act 2012, Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and Contractual Mistakes Act 1977 before submitting a complaint.

Orders: Because of the volume of sales, items indicated as "In Stock" may be out of stock at the time your order is processed, in such cases you will be contacted and offered an alternative option. Firearms, Powder, Primers and Ammunition: We will ship Powder, Primers & Ammunition as Dangerous Goods Limited Quantity (DGLQ) to physical addresses only. Firearms & Ammunition will only be shipped on receipt of the Police form S. 43A Pistols, MSSA's and Restricted Weapons are only shipped on receipt of the Police form POL 67c

Police Form S.43A