Picton Sportsworld are also the Local agents for the only Gym in Picton.
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Picton Rowing Club Gymnasium Rules

All persons entering the gym must sign the time, date, first and last name in the book

  • Only financial members are permitted to use equipment on the premises, all personal trainers, physiotherapists and other training personnel must first obtain permission from the Picton Rowing Club failure to do so may result in the membership of the person who brings any non member into the gym being cancelled.   

  • Individual users are not permitted to share their gym card, should this happen you will forfeit your card and future membership immediately.
  • Expired memberships can take up to 24 hours to reactivate.

  • In the case of family membership parents are responsibility for the safety of the children when using the equipment on these premises. 

  • Minimum age for users is 16 years of age – younger users are at the discretion of the Picton Rowing Club Committee.  Persons less than 18 years of age must have parental consent/signed agreement form to use the gym on their own.

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear are to be worn; jandals, work boots and dirty footwear are not acceptable.

  • All property belonging to the Picton Gymnasium is to remain on the premises anyone who is caught removing property will have their membership cancelled.  Any property left by members will be placed into storage, members who have lost property can contact the Picton Rowing Club to have it returned.

  • After use please return all equipment to the appropriate storage racks or areas, for health and safety reasons please use disinfectant and paper towels provided to clean seats down after use

  • During busy times please try to limit the use of the equipment to a minimum to allow others to use the equipment.

  • A bond payment of $25 will be taken for a card for the door entry, if a membership expires and the card is returned in good working condition within three months of joining club a full $25 refund will be given to a card in good condition.  Memberships that expire any time after 3 months of joining and card is returned in good working condition will receive a $10 refund. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Dogs, bikes, smoking, alcohol, drugs and food are not permitted inside the premises.

  • Upon leaving the premises ensure the doors and windows are locked and the radio, fans and lights are turned off.

  • The Picton Rowing Club holds the right to expel any person in breach of the Picton Rowing Club Gymnasium Rules, a refund to any member will be considered by the Picton Rowing Club Committee if placed in writing.

  • Disclaimer – The Picton Rowing Club will endeavour to maintain all the equipment to a safe standard.  All persons using the equipment do so at their own risk.  The Picton Rowing Club accepts no responsibility for injuries incurred while using the equipment.

The Committee of the Picton Rowing Club thank you for your support

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